Monday, 21 November 2011

My inner demon...

Tonight's run nearly didn't happen. My inner demon did a very convincing job of almost talking me out of it again:
It's your first run back in the UK after lovely sunny running for the last week - take it easy.

Today was your first day back at work; perhaps you should put your feet up tonight?

You still have a pile of holiday clothes to wash so perhaps you should prioritise those before your jog!
I almost shouted, "Stop!" then pulled on my kit and ran for my life.

Part of my resolve to go for a run tonight stems from the efforts of my friend @tippettsimon, who took part in The Beacons Ultra over the weekend - that's a 45 mile marathon through the Brecon Beacons! Puts my paltry efforts to shame. Of course, he's barking mad - but I mean that in the nicest possible way...!

I'm glad I did escape my inner demon and go running, for tonight's run was a good one; good in that I had bags of energy and it felt good to be jogging around Cardiff Bay in the dark in that fine misty rain again. Honestly, it really did. How far I ran, in what time and at what pace, I cannot tell you because I returned my Nike+ GPS Sportwatch over a week ago because it was faulty. Or rather, the upload functionality to the Nike+ website stopped working and was not fit for purpose. Shame.

However, I have been whetting my appetite by researching this little beauty from Garmin: the Garmin Forerunner 610. This one is so advanced and feature rich that it does the run for you, whilst you sit at home watching The One Show with your feet up eating cakes. Well, almost... And I haven't seen too many gripes on any forums about problems uploading runs to the website.

All I need now is to convince myself that this would be money well spent. Now, has anyone seen my inner demon?

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